Student Advising - A Student Advisor speaking with an instructor.

Student Advising

Advising has been part of School One’s success from the start

School One’s founders developed an advising system that empowers students to take the lead with their education, from choosing classes to heeding deadlines and planning for their lives after high school. Advisors play a key role in supporting students during this shift. They help them build their portfolios (part of School One’s graduation requirements). They work in tandem with our college counselor to assist students with college applications, and represent them at their Graduation Board of Review.

Advisors are Parents’ Primary Contacts

Our approach relies on strong partnerships among parents, advisors, students, teachers and staff. Advisors communicate regularly with parents and are available by phone, email or in person, as needed.

Advisors Build Strong Support Networks

Advisors consult with the school social worker if students are struggling emotionally or socially. They review weekly progress reports for their special ed advisees. They work closely with our college guidance counselor to help students plan for life after high school in Rhode Island and beyond.

Talk to a current student or parent and learn how students benefit from our personalized program. Use the Contact form or call us at (401) 331-2497.

“Students here have a lot of responsibilities, but they also have an advisor they can trust who will know when to push. The relationship between the two is what makes the student’s time at School One.”

Mikayla Valentine

“What's really fun about advising is working closely with a young student who needs a lot of coaching at the beginning. You get to see their trajectory - to see them become independent. Every student will grow and change at School One because this is a supportive place."

Christina McKenrick
Math/Science Teacher and Advisor