Graduation Requirements - Two students listening to a lecture.

Graduation Requirements

School One was an early proponent of graduation requirements that demonstrate each student's skills and maturity to handle the challenges and responsibilities following high school. These include

  • completing all required academic and health/PE credits
  • writing a Senior Essay that reflects the student’s best written work
  • documenting at least 10 hours of community service per school year
  • passing competency exams in Humanities and Mathematics that ensure our graduates possess crucial, basic skills
  • showing evidence of a plan following graduation, either enrolling in college, pursuing an internship, working in a chosen field or volunteering in a service program

To see a complete list of coursework necessary to graduate, download School One’s graduation requirements (pdf, 23.8 KB).

What is a 'GBR,' anyway?

Seniors appear with their advisors before a graduation board of review, comprised of teachers, peers and parents, on their last stop before receiving a School One diploma. GBRs meet in the spring to evaluate each senior’s portfolio of academic and creative work, and to hear about his or her personal growth and accomplishments at School One and goals for the future.

Seniors must clearly describe their post-secondary plans, including either enrolling in college, arranging an internship, working in a chosen field or volunteering in a service program. Students without a viable plan must meet with their advisors to reconsider satisfactory steps toward self-sufficiency and reappear before the GBR in order to graduate.