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Take a class with Frequency Writers!

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in February, School One will host Frequency Writers' creative writing classes. Frequency Writers is a community writing organization in Providence and this year they'll be offering creative writing classes and workshops at School One. Classes include writing fiction & poetry, learning about epistolary acts and poetry for veterans of war.  Reconnect with literature or try something completely new that you've always wanted to try. 

To learn more about Frequency Writers or to register for a class contact Frequency Writers at

Below is an overview of the courses being offered at School One in the Winter/Spring 2016:

Writing Fearlessly

James Crews

6 weeks, Tuesday, 6-8:30pm, Feb 3-March 9

Sliding scale $160-$275

 In this hybrid course, we will focus on writing/reading poems and essays that take risks and move beyond our traditional notions of what poetry and non-fiction can do. Through in-class exercises and readings, we will see how the material of our everyday lives and past experiences can become the stuff of literature. Together, we will push ourselves toward discomfort and uncertainty in pursuit of larger truths. We will do this by completing in-class exercises, sharing the results and discussing each other's work each week. We will also read several examples of contemporary writers like Marie Howe, Louise Gluck and Kevin Sampsell who show us how to write with risk.

Epistolary Acts

Victor Wildman

6 weeks, Wednesdays, 6-8:30pm, March 9-April 13


 During our six weeks together, we will read and write in and through letters. We will explore the sweep of what a letter is or can be, build new structures for our writing through the kinds of voices and projections we will find. Among the possible epistolary acts of we will engage with are Emily Dickinson’s Master Letters, the correspondence between James Joyce and Ezra Pound, the correspondence between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell, some letters by Jack Spicer, Samuel Beckett, William Gaddis, Marianne Moore, Hollis Frampton, the cinematic letters of Chantal Akerman’s News from Home, and the abstract correspondences of On Kawara, and Hanne Darboven. A willingness to engage closely with these letters, and a corresponding willingness to experiment and try new things with one’s writing week to week, is expected. We’ll have fun.


A Poetry Workshop for Veterans of War

Tina Cane

10 weeks, April-June  (waiting to hear from Tina with dates)


This 10 week poetry workshop is intended for veterans of war. It means to provide a safe and welcoming place for veterans to explore writing poetry. We will discuss genre and form and each week read work by other poets for instruction and inspiration. Every meeting will center around a piece of writing to contemplate--either by a workshop participant or by an established or published poet--which we will use as a springboard for writing original work on-site. We will also engage in peer discussion of each other’s work, as well as exercises that push and disrupt the draft process such as: erasure and cut-ups.


Need-based scholarships are available for this course. Contact us at for more information or to register.